Transforming Lives One Word at a Time

A Welcome Message from Lady Yvette

Welcome to the Lady Yvette Ministry website, where we are transforming lives one word at a time. I am grateful you have chosen to spend a few moments exploring our ministry. We are a group of people devoted to following Jesus Christ through Worship, Prayer, Praise, and Word. LYM is geared to loving people outside the church through generosity, invitation, and compassion. Our prayer is that all people will feel loved and welcomed through LYM.

– Pastor Yvette Bannister


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Join Bishop Charles Ross ,Pastor Yvette Bannister, and Judah NOW Church, MD for our weekly Word encounter. Every Thursday at 7:30p.m. est. (515) 604-9059 ac: 410772


Join Pastor Yvette and Judah NOW Church, MD for prayer every Friday morning @ 5:00a.m. est  (857) 232-0476 ac: 6365437



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